WELCOME to IndicatorRepairSite.Com

Mission Statement:
Indicator Repair Site offers the general public fast, economical and professional repair service of Brown & Sharpe and Interapid indicators.

It is a simple four part operation in text:
1)  Each indicator is received, inspected, disassembled and cleaned.
2)  Worn or broken parts are replaced by either new or refurbished parts when applicable at a savings for you. 
3)  The indicator is reassembled, tested and calibrated.
4)  It is promptly shipped back to you.

It is a complex multi-plex operation in reality.
1) It requires the skills of a watch maker.
2) And a sub miniature machinist
3) Precise mathematical calibration skills
4) Metal refinisher
5) A working hands on knowledge of these instruments that comes from training and experience.

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