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Usually it starts with a phone call, or e-mail that says: "My indicator is either damaged or inaccurate or functional". Is it repairable? Depends, in most cases, yes. There are extremes, see our Gallery section to see what others have done.  Best bet is to let me look at it and decide whether it can be repaired, restored, or salvaged. 

And I have the tools to do it!

How much damage is too much damage?
An indicator leaving the chuck of a mill or lathe at about 2000 RPM is too much damage. Especially,  if you are within striking distance. Now that’s a lot of damage.  Too much damage can be if the frame or housing of the indicator device is bent.  Sometimes, the smaller the item the more the damage it sustains.  A .001 small dial indicator with half the parts missing may need extensive repair.

Can I put on or replace crystals myself? You will need special tools. Most people don’t have these tools. Most people do not wish to purchase these tools for a one-time job. 

Refurbished parts -
We have many refurbished parts just as good as new at half price and will offer you the savings with the estimate.

Can I change a short-tip on an indicator with a long tip?
No, it will throw off the accuracy.

Have a unit you don't need or have use for?
Don’t buy a book on how to  repair a indicator.  Don’t lose hope yet, I will buy the broken indicator from you for cash.

How do I ship it to you? 
If you have the original wooden box it will fit in the flat rate Priority Mail small first class box available free at the post office. If not, ship it in its original plastic box wrapped with bubble wrap put into a medium size box flat rate from the post office. Or send it UPS in a suitable size box no smaller than the UPS label. Sending small boxes invites loss. You save nothing in cost if the box gets lost.

Payment -
After we evaluate your gauge. 
We will contact you by phone and or Email with a quoted price on the repair of the Indicator, If requested.
Once agreed to fair pricing, I will contact you over the phone and you have the option of using PayPal or the credit card of your choice. We accept the following.

After your payment has been received you will receive a receipt from the credit card company.  Your indicator(s) will be repaired and shipped back to you in timely fashion. Usually this is five working days unless a parts hang-up happens which is rare.

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If you decline the repair offer, I will ship it back to you immediately after receipt of $10 (ten dollars), which is the return shipping fee.

Guarantee -
We guarantee the work done on the indicator, and that it will repeat in accuracy for a year. If for any reason you're not satisfied with the repair done to the indicator please send it back for evaluation. At this time we will repair the gauge free of charge or refund your money.

How long does it take to get the indicator repaired?
Once I have received the indicator and inspected it for a repair and received payment, it takes about 5 working days before I ship it back to you.  Please be sure to send a phone number and an email address

*Buyer Beware*  Of Knock-offs from China (EXTest - China)
The unit manufactured for Fowler is a knock off of the high-quality Interapid indicator. They look so much alike in the advertisements that many people are fooled into thinking they're getting a terrific deal on the Swiss indicator.  Repair is not possible! Parts are unobtainable and like many Chinese products are throw-ways.  Caveat Emptor.

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