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•  I am originally from California. My father, a mechanical engineer in the Navy and later for Union Carbide was a lifetime member of MENSA. My mother was a self employed business woman. Both contributed insight and knowledge to my first love, totally my choice, which is the industrial arts.

•  After High School, I studied tool and die making on the College level. While attending college I was employed at Xerox Corporation for practical work experience. 

•  For the last 30 years I have been working in the moldmaking industry. I have literally worked in every department in a machine shop  from running a bandsaw to inspector of medical devices.  

•  Before retirement, recently I was also an ISO internal auditor in a major medical device manufacturing company.


Another passion of mine is Watch and Clock repair. I make custom parts for the watch and clockmakers in my area. This led to a chance meeting with a fellow   mold maker, who was also a watch and indicator repairman. He was my tutor and taught me the intricacies of indicator repair and I’ve been repairing them ever since.

•  Tooling & Manufacturing Association.  
•  National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors.  
•  American Watchmaker-Clockmakers Institute.
•  Machinist and Aerospace Workers.

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