We restrict our repairs to Brown & Sharpe and Interapid

Personally, I feel these two indicators are the best quality and finely crafted instruments in the world. I have worked on many of the other instruments and can tell you personally that these two brands excel.

The Brown & Sharpe brand name has been synonymous with quality for more than 150 years. Once a stand-alone company, today Brown & Sharpe is a flagship brand of the 
Hexagon Metrology group.   

During the 19th and 20th centuries, Brown & Sharpe was one of the most well-known and influential firms in the machine tool industry. Its influence throughout mechanical engineering was such that its name is often synonymous with certain industrial standards that it established, including:

  • The American Wire Gauge (AWG) standards for wire;
  • The Brown & Sharpe taper in machine tool spindle tapers.
  • The Brown & Sharpe worm threadform for worms.

Since being acquired by Hexagon Metrology in 2001, Brown and Sharpe has concentrated exclusively on metrology equipment.

The Swiss-made Interapid indicator is one of the two quality brands we work on. Highly rated as one of the best of its kind. The large hand makes two complete revolutions in either direction and the small hand helps you keep track which revolution you're on. 

Many different contact points, including ruby, Teflon and nylon are optionally available, and easy to install.

Unless you know what you're doing, you should under no circumstances attempt to disassemble or adjust any of the screws or bearings on the indicator.

Our Policy -
Thus I feel I can give the best service and pricing since I maintain a good parts selection on these brands in-house. Since I have a professional clientele, these are the brands most chosen by them for their accuracy  and I restrict most of my work to these two brands.

Expanded Repair Procedure -

Your indicator will be repaired and refurbished as follows

•  Total disassembly

•  Cleaning of all parts with appropriate cleaners

•  Inspection of all the parts

•  Repair or replacement of all worn or damaged parts

•  Reassembly and  lubrication with appropriate lubricants

•  Inspection for accuracy

•  Calibration using equipment and standards

•  Certified traceable to Inspection Report

•  Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Prices -
We are very competitive in todays market and still offer quality work at reasonable prices. The repair of these instruments is a cost saving benefit. Certainly one of the quality gauges repaired properly will out perform one of the cheaper knock-offs. There is some real junk out there.  Thus if you have a B&S or Interapid let me take a look at it and I will quote you a price on the work needed.  You will then have almost a like new unit that will conform to specifications at considerably less than a new one or an untested used one.

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