Here are a few tips from the expert.

Calculation of tangent point
If you program a CNC lathe and find yourself going to the computer CADCAM to find a tangent point on a radius with an angle, I can have the answer to this question before you can get the computer on.


Radius = .062
Angle = 14’
Sine of 14’  =.2419
.2419 x .062 = . 0149
.062 - .0149  = .0471 Tangent  to Radius 


Normally we do not show examples from other sites but this one struck a cord as it emphasizes a critical point in the life history of indicators.  The best place or location for an indicator to be found is either on the job working, or in the box sleeping.  

Keeping it next to a surface grinder, planner, mill, or grinder is not a good idea.  The simple solution would be in this case to enclose it in the same thing you store leftovers in your refrigerator, the ZIP-LOCK bag. That will keep grit away from the device.


NOTE:  For maximum repetitive reading we recommend mounting the 312B-3 Interapid indicator by the dovetail.

On all models of the Interapid Indicator - the point should be screwed snugly into the indicator with small pliers.



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