Just taking a moment to thank you for your fast and accurate repair time.  The gauge passed with flying colors and it looks great too!  I have already recommended you to a co-worker and will recommend you in the future.  Thank you again!

Sean Abrams

Hello Robert,
I got the indicator and was real happy with the work you did for me. That indicator looked better that I thought it ever could. Thank you for a wonderful repair on my most loved indicator and appreciate the cleaning compound also. You can tell you take pride in your work and the packaging too. I am currently passing the good word on at work and hope to send you business as I can. Please put me on the list for an Interapid indicator when you get one. Thanks again for making my day.


My indicators arrived yesterday. They look great and also perform as expected. Thank you. You are a real PRO.
Thank You again,


I got the indicator, looks great. We TIR rotors from huge industrial electric motors, $150k + in value, some 7,500 hp. test indicator performance is absolutely critical, if you have any preference / recommendations let me know, thanks again.



I did receive it yesterday and it is perfect. I used it at work today. Thank you very much for the quick, professional repair. I have spread word around the shop of your services. 


My indicator arrived Saturday in great shape. I am so pleased with the work you did and how quick and professionally everything was handled. It has been a pleasure giving you my business.


Morning Bob, 
Yes, it arrived safe and sound. Thanks much for the Rodico, and I appreciate the fast service too.


Just wanted to let you know the Indicator arrived yesterday. Works
Like new.   Thanks again, I will pass your name on.

Gerry McMillan
Toolmaker, Great-batch Medical

I finely got a chance to use my newly repaired indicator and it works great. The guy that used to fix everybody’s indicators around here no longer is doing it for some reason. So it’s nice to find a new source. I’ll spread the word.

Jack Howard

My indicators received,  they look great!

Don Green

The indicator looked beautiful and works perfectly...I have a Fowler x-test indicator that actually looks just like the interapid I sent you...unfortunately I dropped it the other day and now it needs your help...can I send it to you for repair?

Bill Hall

Dear Bill:
Sorry,  but we cannot fix Chinese copies, no parts available to warrant the quality of the work we do.


Got my indicator back today and it’s functioning beautifully.  Thanks for your speed and professionalism in completing this work.  It is appreciated.

Roger Berger



I cant believe how fast it got there and how fast I got the other one! Neither one was a rush, thank you for treating it as one.  If anybody needs indicator repair ill hook them up.


No need to call me for an estimate, I can tell by your website that you are a professional and that you are not going to cheat me….

Rodney Smith


I received mine yesterday afternoon and it looks great. Thanks for the speedy service.  I will spread the good word to co-workers and friends about the great work you do.
Shawn Giannelli

I  Received the indicators you repaired for us. They look good!  Our inspector likes what he sees….

Rich Edwards
Technique Precision

The Brand new 312-V3 needed more clearance room than a horizontal therefore running into the test fixture by accident at 800 inches per minute. I’m handing things over to you for your “Midas touch”…. I can’t believe how you fixed my previous indicator to it’s condition.


Received my Interapid 312-B3 and want to take the time to congratulate you on the fine job you did. It looks better than new and is as smooth as silk.  You have become my top pick for Indicator Repair and I will  use you in the future for all my repairs….”You’re the Best”. 

Steve R. Theiss
Long Beach, Ca.


“You’re the Best Robert”…..I’m enjoying your repairs on a daily basis.

Steve R. Theiss
Long Beach, Ca.



I just received my repaired indicator and the one I purchased from you today.  I wanted to thank you again for the speed and quality of the repair.  My dad will be happy to know that his old Interapid is like new and will see many more years of service on my bench.  As for the Brown & Sharpe indicator, do you sell dovetail mounts for it?  I had one that fits a 5/32 collet that I thought would work, but the dovetail slot is a bit oversized and doesn't have a snug fit. 

Thanks again!
Best Regards,

Rick Sadler
Project Manager
Scientific Research Corporation,  Cecil Commerce Center

The indicator passed inspection with no problems. It should make my job a lot easier. Our tolerances keep getting tighter and tighter. I make tools & we have to hold .0002 lip height on some of our tools and my bosses provide us with .0005 indicators. This should make my a lot less stressful.                                    

Thank you,     

Todd Laux                                         


I sent the indicator and a 140 dollar certified check made out to you, I guess you can deduct the cost of shipping from whatever you will pay me for my old indicator, seems odd to trust anyone in this day and time to be fair, but I think you will. Thanks for being patient, Been working and really needing a break.

Dale Withers

Good morning Bob,
Yes, we rec'd them, the end user was very surprised in the quick turn around time. So glad I found your company on the internet. Very great service. I look forward to doing business in the future.

Thank you,
Carol Sunderland – Purchasing Administrator


Dear Bob,
I just receive both test indicators yesterday. Really nice and like new.




Hello Robert,  
Got a couple Interapid Indicators coming at you and hey should be in Priority Mail today. The new 312-3V made me sick as it is a brand new indicator and was on a brand new test sequence and got run into a fixture by accident ... The vertical needed more clearance room than a horizontal therefore running into the test fixture at 800 inches per minute .... Ouch!!!


I'm handing things over to you for your "Midas Touch" and to get-er-fixed for the many times it will be used in the future. It only needs the dial face screw fixed and nothing else. The broken Tesa is on it's way and you will have some new spare parts coming your way there. The old 312b-3 needs your complete run through and brought back to near new appearance. I cant believe how you fixed my other indicator to this condition. 

Thanks Robert,


Good morning, could you give me a quote for fixing, a bestest   Indicator. It is a 7035-2 . Like I said on the phone in went through a chip conveyor. Thanks for all your help. Let me know if you can pick it up or should we ship it.

Dave Andrews
Calibration Technician





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